Will they speak English?
Yes, all of your hosts will speak English to some degree. Some will be virtually fluent, others will understand everything you say but will be shy to speak to you at first. The rating system in our homestay descriptions should give you an idea of the level of English to expect. The Philippines is actually the second largest English speaking country in the world, which makes it a great country to get to know locals!

Will I get eaten by mosquitoes?
No because mosquitoes can’t eat you. Most Filipino homes are more in tune with the environment than houses in the western world. If mosquitoes bug you (excuse pun) then bring repellent for your travels.

What will the food be like?
Homecooked food in the Philippines is the best, the seafood will be fresh. You can read more about food in the section on “Food and Experience”

What if I am a vegetarian?
Please inform your homestay owner if you are a vegetarian. Unfortunately for you the Philippines is a big meat eating country, and not ideal for vegetarians however all of your homestay owners will know some vegetarian dishes.

What is the accommodation like?
Simple but great locations, often near the beach near a waterfall. You can read more about this in the section on “Food and Experience”

How much are the homestays?
To keep things simple each of our homestays costs 600 Pesos per night – each homestay is unique in it’s own way. We leave it up to you to search through our register and find who you would like to meet, and what type of place you would like to stay in. We believe that you should stay at least 2 nights to get the full experience, and to benefit the homestay owner.

Why do I pay an online deposit?
We have spent time and money setting up each of the homestays with mattresses, bedding and other items for your comfort. We also spend time communicating with our homestay owners, creating our booking systems, and facilitating the operation so that you can enjoy your stay, and have this experience. We are a for profit organization, but our values are strong and we consider this a social enterprise. We are driven by the belief that both host and homestayers will benefit from the experience.

How do I find the place?
When you make your booking you will receive a virtual welcome pack over email. This will detail the specifics of finding your homestay. It will tell you which Barangay (community) your homestays is located. Everyone in the area will know how to get to that barangay and from there you can meet up with your family. You will also receive their phone number for easy communication.

How do I meet up with my homestay owner?
In your virtual welcome pack you will receive the cellphone number of one of the family members. You will purchase a $US sim card when you get to the Philippines so that you can contact your homestay owner to arrange your meeting time and spot. Sometimes your homestay owner will pick you up from the ferry, or bus terminal. More details are provided for each individual homestay.

What if my homestay owner doesn’t text me back?
Your homestay owner should text you back within a couple hours, however sometimes they might be busy or have no cellphone load. Give them at least 2 hours to reply and if you haven’t heard from them send a text to the Flip Flop bookings line (number will be sent in your welcome pack). Let them know your name, and the homestay you are booked with. The operator will follow up immediately and make sure the homestay gets in touch with you.

Will I be safe?
All of our homestays have been checked and tested. We aim for safe areas and get good advice before we sign up with a certain area. You can also read about this in the “Food and Experience” section. Reading reviews for each homestay may help to give you peace of mind.

What about last minute bookings, we are already in the Philippines?
Last minute bookings are possible, however we cannot confirm the booking within 2 days of your arrival at the house. We will ask for your Philippines cellphone number so we can check with the homestay and then confirm with you.