Flip Flop Tours was incorporated in June 2011 and started off selling packaged tours in the Visayan region of the Philippines. The company is 40% foreign owned and 60% Filipino owned (this is a legal requirement in the Philippines) which we respect. The structure of the company ensures that a Filipino flavor is maintained in everything we do. We are a young fresh company and are ready to shape the future of backpacking in the Philippines.

We really believe in this country, the people and 7107 islands, so we have made it our mission to encourage more backpackers to hit the Philippines shores. We offer free travel advice to anyone and everyone, so even if you don’t want to book a homestay then please get in touch with us about your travel plans.

The homestay register that we have created originated in Bohol, but is quickly spreading throughout the Philippines. From March 2012 onwards expect the register to grow daily.

Our aim is not only to cater to the foreign market but also to allow local travelers a chance to experience culture in different parts of the Philippines. We are also part of many Philippines Travel Blogging Networks which are encouraging Filipinos to travel their own country if they have the opportunity. We also respect that travel is a luxury, not available to many Filipinos, and other around the world. We would like this to change in time.