Serenity in Cuyo Island

Hello! My name is Aldin and I live with my parents on the remote Cuyo Island. I have been living here since birth, in fact the house we live in is my grandfathers’ house. It is common in the Philippines for families to stay in the same house for many generations. I have 3 siblings but they are all living outside of Cuyo and I am the only one looking after my parents. I am a school teacher at the local high school and teach English, Social Studies, and Values Education. If you stay you may be able to come into school with me and help out with an English lesson. I am really happy to show you around Cuyo in your free time. When I am not teaching I like going fishing and hanging out at the beach. Mabuhay! You are very welcome to stay in my house.


Homestay Description

Set in a rural area in Cuyo, surrounded by cashew trees and wide open spaces, this is an entirely new Philippines experience. As there are no flights into Cuyo at the moment, accessibility gives the island a remote, mystical charm. Feel your stress ease as you arrive on the ferry after a day at sea. We thoroughly recommend you take a boat between Palawan and Iloilo and stop by at Cuyo island on the way. You will be pleasantly surprised by the island charm and friendly people. Check the boat timetables but at the time of writing (Jan 2012) there were 3 boats operating between Cuyo and Iloilo/Puerto Princessa. If you are coming from Iloilo aim for bookings that start on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday. If you are coming from Puerto Princessa aim for bookings starting on a Friday and Monday. Aldins has an old wooden two story house which his grandfather lived in. The barangay is around 15 minutes out of the main town on Cuyo island. The deserted Malaguan island is just a short banca boat ride away. Ahhh.. serenity!

Homestay Features


This bedroom is comfortable and separated from the living room by a curtain. The room is quite big and nice and light.


There is a bucket toilet and shower attached to the house. The family fetches water from a nearby well. You can also take your shower next to the well.

Living Area

The basic living area has tv, and aldins room behind. It opens out onto a porch area which is where the family spends a lot of time.


Cuyo island is very out of the way, and for this reason it makes it really interesting to explore. Walk between the cashew trees to nearby talisay beach. Hiring a banca boat and heading out to the deserted Malaguan island for the day is a must! If you like the idea of volunteering at the local elementary or high school just ask Aldin if it is possible. Help the kids with their English homework!


Rural, simple living. This area is definitely not a tourist area. If you choose this house it is for the experience, and you are surely getting off the beaten track.

Comfort Level

The house is clean and comfortable, you will find the bedroom really comfortable but the bathroom quite basic.


Aldin is quite shy but being a teacher his English is good. He has a big smile and will start to open up more as you get to know him. His parents are elderly and will find it harder to make conversation.


Simple foods, sourced locally at the cuyo market. Try the cashew nuts if you are there in the summer season!

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Serenity in Cuyo Island

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Close to – Not much – but this is part of the appeal! Cuyo island (at this time) is only accessible by overnight boat trip from Iloilo or Puerto Princessa. It is nearly half way between Panay and the Palawan group of islands. How to get there - From Iloilo you can board a boat going to Cuyo on Monday night, Thursday night or Saturday morning. Milagrosa and Montengro are the two main shipping companies that run between the islands. Fares are between 400P and 1000P depending on which class, and whether you are traveling from Iloilo or Palawan. When you arrive in Cuyo the homestay is about 15 minutes from the port.

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