Quiet and Natural in Cabilao

Hi, we’re Cesearia and Cerilo and we live in a very nice house in Cabilao island. We have no kids and a big house so we welcome you to stay with us. Cesarias family live next door, and the island is small and easy to explore. You will love snorkeling on the reefs of Cabilao, enjoying the laid back way of life, and soaking up the nature. There are many great snorkeling and diving spots which you can get to on foot or rent a habalhabal (motorbike taxi). Cesaria is a barangay official so she is very active in the community of Cabilao.  Cesaria would be available to help you tour the island and give suggestions for things you can do, she will also introduce you to her family. Welcome to Bohol, don’t miss the small island charm of Cabilao!


Homestay Description

Cerilo has worked abroad as a seaman and subsequently the house is large and luxurious by Philippines standards. If you like your comfort but still want to experience the culture of the Philippines then this could be a good homestay for you. The house is large and could accommodate 4 people.

Homestay Features


Cesaria and Cerilo have added a modern extension to their house. You could have the choice of two rooms in this part of the house. The rooms are clean, the house made of concrete, not native style like some o


Tidy tiled bathroom with shower and toilet.

Living Area

This is a big house with two separate living areas, one in the new part of the house and one in the old. The family eats dinner in the old part of the house, while the new house is kept for special occassions.


You will love the reefs of Cabilao, it is a beautiful island that hardly any tourists get to. When you arrive you will wonder why more people haven't discovered this small island! You can check out the barangay (community) fish sanctuary, snorkel, dive, watch the sunset from the lighthouse, spend out a day at the beach, enjoy the nature and serenity in the evenings.


You will need to catch a pump boat to get to Cabilao island but this is a short trip from the mainland of Bohol. The island is small so you can walk around it with ease. There are also motorbike taxis to take you where you need to go.

Comfort Level

A very comfortable home, the family has no children so this may suit some looking for a quiet stay.


Cesarias english is very good and you will be able to have good chats with her.


Amazing fresh seafood!

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Quiet and Natural in Cabilao

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Close to - fish sancturary, beaches, Cabilao island is only 7sq.km so it is very easy to get around. How to get there - From Tagbilaran city catch a van or bus from ICM terminal to Loon (~25P, 1 hour). From Loon catch a habal or tricycle to the port of Mocpoc on Sandingan Island (~30P, 15 mins). From Sandigan Island catch a passenger boat to Cabilao (~20P,10 mins).

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