Loboc Luxury

Hi! I’m Mitchelle and my husbands name is Noel. We have a very comfortable room for you to enjoy your stay that is separate to our house and with a nice view over rice paddies and our fish pond.  You will love the Loboc area as there is so much to do.  We own a small eatery in Loboc where you can come and have your meals and enjoy the town.  It’s really nice in the evenings even though not many tourists stay overnight! Welcome to our place!


Homestay Description

This is probably one of the most comfortable homestays on our register, with the least possibility for interaction in the local community. The house is just out of Loboc town, near rice paddies but is definitely nicer than the average Loboc family house. For this reason your experience will be comfortable, but not completely immersed into the life of the local community. Additionally the family is already well off due to the fact that Noel has worked as a seaman overseas. The room has an ensuite bathroom and big opening windows. The family has a fish pond out the back of their place which the room overlooks. In the Loboc area there is a lot to do, and this homestay comes highly recommended if you want immersion but not full immersion!

Homestay Features


Off to the side of the main house the family has an upstairs double bedroom. They have aircon but of course you will have to pay more to use this, otherwise they will provide a fan. There is a television in the bedroom.


Ensuite bathroom and shower.

Living Area

A glamorous living room by Philippines standards with a huge television.


Loboc river, chocolate hills, tarsiers, waterfalls, the cruz dako, this area definitely has something for everyone.


Inland Bohol is just as beautiful as the coast, with a slightly different flavor to the beach scene. Just try it out! It is a short walk to Loboc town where you can buy food from the market or a few Filipino style restaurants. The location is great because of the proximity to tourist attractions of the area. BUT not many people stay in Loboc. The town is really quaint in the evenings.

Comfort Level

This homestay is as comfortable as it gets.


Mitchelles English is great.


The couple owns an eatery so the food must be good!

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Loboc Luxury

From: ₱600.00



Close to – Loboc River, ChocolateHills, Tarsier sanctuary, Bisay falls, Cruz Dako. How to get there – Catch a jeep from ICM terminal (about 10 minutes from the airport and port). The jeep will cost 27P and drop you in Loboc plaza where you can meet Mitchelle.

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