Farm tour in Anda, Bohol

Hi, Im Ado and I live with my mother Nini and my nephew Jomar. I live a simple life as a vegetable farmer in Anda, Bohol. I love to cook using the vegetables from my farm. The farm is about twenty minutes walk from our house through rice paddies. I go there twice a week to water the veggies and feed the chickens – I would love to take you to show you my farm, and the caves nearby. I have a lot of coconut trees on my land so we can take a fresh coconut drink! I’ll also show you the swimming pool fed by a nearby waterfall and you can take a refreshing dip. I have two children who live in Manila but I enjoy the simple life in Anda. I don’t go out too much, just spend time with my sisters and neighbours in the evening near the house. Welcome!


Homestay Description

Set admist rice paddies, 2 minutes tricycle from the seaside town of Anda, you’ll have the best of both worlds with stunning beaches, surrounded by lush green lands, very close to an amazing natural pool at the base of a waterfall. You host Ado will introduce you to the simple way of life in the area. He is a quiet, extremely polite, laid back guy and you will feel very welcome staying in his house. Nini may also join you for a drink in the evenings. The family has a simple immaculate house with inside toilet. You will have to use a bucket shower while staying here but this is a nice experience with the water sourced directly from the nearby falls. The community village in which you will stay is mainly made up of Ados family and friends, many of whom you will get to meet. There will be a lot of children around in the street waiting to chat with you. Take a twenty minute stroll from the village to the beach just before sunset to really get an idea of what life is like in this area.

Homestay Features


Mattress on the floor, comfortable wooden floors, on the second floor of the house with quite a bit of privacy. Nice, light room.


Inside toilet with bucket flush, a room around the side of the house with bucket shower. You'll feel extremely clean and refreshed after taking one of these!

Living Area

A simple living area with wooden furniture, clean, comfortable. Like many houses in this area Ado also has a karaoke set up so just sing out if you want to have an entertaining evening of in-house roke!


Visit nearby waterfall, walk or catch a tricycle to the beach, dive at a nearby resort, visit Ados farm, cook with Ado, wander around the neighbourhood and meet heaps of friendly people.


The location is set just on the outskirts of Anda town amongst rice paddies. It is a very local area, although Anda does have tourist resorts. In short this is a stunning location.

Comfort Level

Overall this is a local style concrete house, clean, tidy, comfortable but without flush toilet or shower head. This house is a standout for cleanliness!


Ado speaks good English and is very polite but will claim that he is shy to use his English. Just spend some time getting to know him and he will feel more at ease and open up more. Bare with any language barriers and get by on actions and smiles!


Ado is one of the rare filipinos who loves eating vegetables so this homestay would be great for all you vegetarians out there.

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Farm tour in Anda, Bohol

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Close to – About 2 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk through rice paddies to Anda town and beach. Close to Anda waterfall and natural swimming pool. How to get there – Catch a bus from Tagbilaran city (ICM mall van station) to Anda. The trip is around 100kms and will take around 2.5 hours - it costs 130 pesos per person. You will be able to get dropped near to Ados house and he will come and pick you up. A tricycle from Anda town to Ados house will cost around 10P/person.

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