Anda town stay

Hi, we’re jermima and Bolivar. We have two young children and have been living in Anda all our lives. Bolivar works as van driver between Tagbilaran and Anda and Jemima works at a lending company in Anda town. They have a helper during the day to look after their youngest child Jody, while their other child Jenevie is in school. Jemima often goes home for lunch with the family but as both Jemima and Bolivar are busy at work during the day you will be left to your own devices. You can take breakfast and dinner with the family but lunch you should take while you explore the area. If you visit over the weekend the family will be happy to entertain you – take you to their coconut farm, or to the beach bar for singing, however during the week it will be harder. This homestay is perfect for those who want to meet some locals but do their own thing during the day. It should be noted that this house is not as simple as some of the others on our register, for example the couple have aircon in their bedroom! There are plenty of nice beaches around!


Homestay Description

Set just outside the main town of Anda, beside the Anda lagoon. This homestay is not as rural as some of our others and you could almost say that the couple are living a city style lifestyle. They still own a section with coconut trees which they would love to visit with you in the weekends. They both work during the days, and are home in the evenings. This does not detract from the fact that it is great to meet a Filipino family and there will be others living in their area who lead a different lifestyle. The homestay is comfortable with a few more mod coms than others on our register.

Homestay Features


The room is sparse yet comfortable and has a small tv. It looks out onto the kitchen and anda lagoon.


At the time we visited Jermima and Bolivar they only had the one bathroom which was an ensuite to their bedroom. They were planning on developing a second bathroom some time in 2012. The bathroom is very nice with a head shower, but you will just have to pass through their room to get to it. They are fine with this and will probably even offer that you stay in their room

Living Area

Large living area with large sound system (not uncommon in filipino living rooms).


Beaching and diving around Anda, visiting the enchanted Lamonok island with caves and witchcraft, Anda waterfall, trekking, videoke with Bolivar and Jemima.


The anda area is really a haven for adventurers without being overrun by tourism. The homestay is about 5 minutes walk from Anda town

Comfort Level

A very comfortable house with the slight inconvenience of the bathroom to contend with.


Both Jermima and Bolivar are well educated in English so you will be able to have meaningful chats with them about life in the Philippines.


Jermima is a great cook and the Anda area is perfect for fresh seafood. If you arrive when there is no moon it is likely squid will be on offer. Anda lagoon which their house backs onto is full of shrimp.

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Anda town stay

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Close to – About 5 minutes walk from Anda town and beaches, enchanted Lamanok island How to get there – Catch a bus from Tagbilaran city (ICM mall van station) to Anda. Text Bolivar so you can hopefully ride in his van! The trip is around 100kms and will take around 2 hours and costs 130 pesos per person. The trip from Tagbilaran to Anda is very easy. If you don't ride in Bolivars van then text the couple when you arrive in Anda town and they will pick you up and take you to their house.

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