Anda music retreat

Hi – we’re Carmela and Abudio. We have 4 children and have lived all our lives in the beautiful area of Anda, Bohol. We are a very musical family and have many instruments in our house. Abundio is talented and willing to teach you if you like. Every Friday and Saturday night he plays live music at Anda beach bar, and La Petra resort. You can accompany the family to see the live music. There are many things to do in Anda and since we are free during the day we are very willing to show you around. Abundios parents are working overseas and so there are two houses where you might like to stay! Just feel welcome in our home!


Homestay Description

Just 15 minutes walk out of central Anda town you will find this house, near rice paddies, and the local shrimp pond, as well as some spectacular waterfalls. The Anda area is green, lush, with white sand beaches and plenty of coastline to explore. As Abundios parents are living abroad the family is living comfortably - for this reason this homestay won't get you out of your comfort zone as much as others. Regardless the family will be very excited to meet you and your stay will be filled with surprises!

Homestay Features


You will have the choice of a single or double room when you stay with this family, both are very comfortable. The house is simple, concrete structure with an electric fan to keep you cool in the evening.


Simple, bucket flush, yet very clean and light.

Living Area

Comfortable living room, tv, and a whole lot of musical instruments!


Spending time with the family and playing music, head to nearby waterfalls or beaches, take a trip around the coast by motorbike - so many things to do, all in such close proximity to this homestay.


The location is superb - close enough to Anda town, but still with a rural feel about the place. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Bohol.

Comfort Level

Depending on whether you stay in the house of Carmela and Abundio or his parents will determine your comfort level. The house of the parents is slightly more comfortable than Carmelas, however both are very clean. Basically this is a well-off family by Philippines standards and you should feel fairly comfortable in their house.


Carmela and Abundio both speak English very well, although at times Abundio will be shy to speak.


Lami! (Delicious) The family have a helper for the cooking and the food is fresh and tasty!

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Anda music retreat

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Close to – About 2 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk through rice paddies to Anda town and beach. Close to Anda waterfall and natural swimming pool. Close to Anda lagoon and beaches. How to get there – Catch a bus from Tagbilaran city (ICM mall van station) to Anda. The trip is around 100kms and will take between 1 -2 hours and costs 130 pesos per person. You will be able to get dropped near to the house and they will come and pick you up. There may be a small charge of 30 pesos for pick up. The trip from Tagbilaran to Anda is very easy.

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