Anna – Director

Anna was sent to the Philippines (from New Zealand) for work in 2008. She was surprised to find accommodating and friendly Filipinos, as well as stunning beaches and scenery. After finishing up with work in 2010 she decided to volunteer for 3 months and was sent to the island of Bohol. This experience, and a desire to embark on social enterprise, prompted her to establish a business aimed at sending tourism dollars into small communities. Enter Flip Flop Tours! When Anna is not working on various businesses in the Philippines she loves traveling, Kitesurfing, and sailing in Miss Scarlett, the 17 foot catamaran moored outside their house. She is the driving force behind the business and extremely passionate about all things Philippines.



Jonathan – Treasurer

Jonathan met Anna working in a microfinance institute in Bohol. His work ethic and passion for helping people in the Philippines was clear from their first meeting. His first job for the microfinance institute was a loan officer, which he loved because he was so in touch with the communities that he wanted to help. He worked his way up to the head office but still enjoys going out into the field and traveling to branch offices. When not working in micro finance, or helping out with the Flip Flop Tours, Jonathan enjoys spending time with friends, visiting his hometown of Leyte, or just generally joking around with anyone and everyone.



Gaudioso “Goodie” – Community Relations

Goodie is one of the most kind hearted people in the Philippines with the ability to get on with anyone. He is one of Flip Flop Tour’s rocks. Also working in microfinance for over 10 years he has a strong history in community development work. Like Jonathan he passionate about helping people in the Philippines to further their lives. Goodie works hard to find communities that would be suitable for homestays, as well as providing sound local knowledge and contacts. NOTE His house in Sikatuna, Bohol is actually available for homestay!



Katrina “Trixie” – Corporate Secretary

Trix is based in Manila and has known Anna since she first arrived in the Philippines in 2008. Through her work she was able to visit New Zealand and gain some interesting insights from doing so. She is a great person to have on the team offering really useful suggestions to help guide the business towards success. She helps out where she can with Philippines laws, tax and accounting practices she has learned through her other roles. Trixie has a positive, easy- going attitude and is a pleasure to be around.



Robin “San Mig” – Technical Development

Robin is another one of Flip Flop Tour’s rocks, offering sound advice in all aspects of the business. He completed the initial website for the company and is working to streamline homestay communications. Robin has been based in the Philippines since 2007 and is also from New Zealand. In his free time he enjoys sailing, motorbiking around the Philippines and NZ. Kitesurfing in uninhabitated islands and doing remote work for a civil engineering company.