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Much needed income for family in Port Barton

Homestay Description
Port Barton is a stunning beachside village, boasting some of the best island hopping in the Philippines. As you travel 1 hour along the jungle road you will feel the remoteness of where you are traveling. Jelmas house is in a simple native style hut about 50m from Port Barton beach. The bedrooms are separated from the living area by a curtain and native door. The kitchen is where the family does all of the washing and the living room is populated with many locals in the evening who sit around, watch tv and talk to each other.and talk to each other.
Homestay Features


The bedroom is small and native style but you will be comfortable on a mattress underneath a mosquito net.


Unfortunately the family do not have a bathroom attached to the house but you will go next door to the Uncles bathroom and will get to meet more people in the process. You will for showering.

Living Area

Living is simple, with bamboo tables and a television where many gather in the evenings.


Island hopping, diving, trip to nearby waterfall, beaching. Port barton is a unique place and should not be missed. Spend time with the family, help Paul with his homework, sit around in the evening and chat.


This is a remote part of Palawan. You must take a rough muddy road to get to the village, which deters some people from venturing to this part of Palawan. It’s worth the trip! Even the jungle road is incredible.

Comfort Level

This homestay is not built for comfort, you will grow from the experience, you will enjoy seeing how people live, you will eat fresh fish, and immerse yourself in the culture, and you will know that your accommodation money is going to people who really need it.


Jelma has problems with her English so we ask that when Jelma has guests some of her English speaking friends and family can come over to help translate. Jelma has a kind heart and we also provide a language book to help communications, but unfortunately you won’t be able to talk in depth directly.


Fresh seafood caught by Jelmas son!
Close to – Port Barton beach, island hopping. How to get there – Depending on where you are coming from (Puerto Princessa or El Nido perhaps) the trip will take half a day to get to this remote village. Jeeps/buses leave PP and El Nido in the early morning and arrive around 2pm or 3pm. Leaving Port Barton you will depart between 8 and 10am.

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