Hear are just a few of the things customers are saying about the families on our homestay network…..

” We would like to thank Filma for hosting us at her place. The food we ate was very “sarap” (delicious) and she was always willing to talk with us and share something about their lives. We visited his son singing in the Loboc choir and I enjoyed playing with her daughter, too. The accommodation was simple; homestaying is a unique experience that makes you understand a little bit better the local culture and the family’s lifestyle. I highly recommend it to all responsible tourists who have the chance to visit the Philippines!”

Elena & Yoann, Spain


Elena & Yoann with Filma.

Elena dining with Filma.

Yoann dining with Filma.

“I’ve travelled all around the world, but staying with this wonderful family was by far one of the best experiences of my adventures. Jevie, daisy and their children took us in like family, it felt like we were home! Daisy is an amazing cook, I’m constantly missing her delicious feasts since we departed. The family are very friendly and fun to be around, the surrounding neighbours are also very kind and welcoming. Being exceptionally hospitable, the family even showed us the island highlights. We had an absolute blast! I highly recommend this family, I know ill be back to visit again as soon as I can.”

Chantelle, Australia


“I just got back to Korea from my stay with Carmela and Abundio. They were excellent hosts and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!! I’m so glad I was able to do the homestay. Thank you for rearranging plans last-minute for me.”

Elizabeth, South Korea


Homestay Family in Anda, Bohol


“I had a wonderful, wonderful time! I’m so happy I found your website, and got to see the Philippines from the inside. That’s exactly what I like about travelling; I’m less interested in ticking boxes and seeing sites, I want to know about a country, it’s people, the culture and customs. I got a front row seat thanks to Flip Flop. After I stayed at Dhora and Jonas’s, I stayed 4 nights in Anda with Carmela and Abundio, which was also fantastic.

This is why I travel, I will never forget my short time in the Philippines. I’ve been on the road for 10 months now, and after this, I actually never want to go home again :-)

I will definitely recommend you!”

Elke, Belgium


“Everything about the home stay was perfect. The family were adorable and Filma was very hospitable. She could have helped us a little bit more regarding transport and times of buses as on a a number of occasions we were left walking around the town asking locals for advice. We were met easily enough by contacting Filma on the way with a cell phone. Everything else was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Loboc.”

Michael, Australia


“A wonderful way to truly experience the Filipino way of life and culture. It was like a home away from home and I felt comfortable the moment I walked into my host’s house.”

Brian, UK


“Stayed in Anda for 2 nights on my way to Camiguin. The area is lovely, almost no tourists whatsoever. White deserted beaches, waterfalls, caves, you name it, has it all. Lamanok island is a beautiful and mysterious place I recommend. Accommodation was cozy, homemade food was great, you really get the feel of how people live there. Efrena and Judito are sweet and helpful people, so is everyone in the village. In a nutshell : if you want to relax and explore, give it a try!”

Petar, Russia


“I really had a great experience at Mercia’s homestay. I wish I could stay for longer, not just one night. The family was very nice to us, we got the best room ever and had a lovely conversation with Mercia about many interesting topics, such as how children should be independent in life”

Alex, Slovakia


“After breakfast, some of the locals offered to take us to a nearby waterfall so that we could shower.  With no running water in the village the options were either the ever-torturous bucket shower or the more natural approach… we chose the latter.  After a half-hour motorbike ride up dirt tracks, past lush rice terraces, tropical jungle and wooden huts we arrived at the waterfall.  I was expecting a stream and a trickle where we could splash our faces – not Niagara Falls! In short the waterfall was spectacular.. There was no one other person at the site that would have been swarming with tourists and signposted to death in other parts of South East Asia.  It was only my second day (in the Philippines), but I could already see that this country had so much to offer.”

Nikki, UK


“Thanks to Anna and Dhora for arranging our homestay in Anda Bohol. The homestay gives visitors a truly authentic Filipino experience. The hosts, Efrena and Judito could not have been more warm and welcoming. Their home is basic but comfortable and they went out of their way to show us what life is like for them in their village. Efrena cooked delightful meals with the freshest seafood we have ever eaten. Staying with them was both fun and educational.”

Debs and Matt, UK


Staying at Mercia’s home brought such good memories to my Panglao trip. Though the family is not related to me in any way, still me and my friend alex was treated like their own family member. It was the warm welcome that we received and the family’s care really makes my Panglao trip more memorable.

Jason, Philippines


“I had a really good time with Efrena. She and her family were so nice. And her cooking skills are amazing! I loved the food.”

Darko, Switzerland


“My head swirled with this level of simplicity. There I sat – at two o’clock in the afternoon by a waterfall, drinking coconut juice. I fit comfortably in my world of tech gadgets, innumerable tasks and deadlines, yet at that moment I wondered to what end?

Residents of Casica had enough rice and enough companionship. I thought about the numerous articles in North America that recount increasing numbers of loneliness and depression. Being virtually cut off from nature and large communities to attain material success seems empty, a hollow pursuit. Casica also had cell phones, televisions and stereos, yet these objects held a small place in daily life. It made me wonder why the same objects are so coveted where I come from – more valuable than human feelings, or even lives.”

Jeannie, North America

“International homestays is not a new invention.  According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) over one billion tourists will step foot on foreign soil by 2012.  In the developing world, tourism is described as small enterprises, what travel aficionados refer to as the ‘local touch’, those flavors that charm us.  People of Anna Cleal’s caliber are doing more – by trying to uplift their standard of living in Bohol. For a private operation such as hers, it’s an admirable fight”

Jeannie, North America

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We aim for you to get certain insights while staying with these families that you would not get staying at a beach resort.  Go on, take the plunge!